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Hi, fellow Tolkien fans!

We are thrilled to announce that signups for the Tolkien Reverse Summer Bang 2019 are now officially open.

Sign up as an artist here

Sign up as an author here

Sign up as a pinch hitter here

A summary of key changes from last year's event can be found here; the full FAQs can be found here.

(Don’t forget that the signup itself is not an obligation; if you’re an author and you think you might like to create a treat, but know you can’t commit to a full collaboration, sign up anyway so we can give you access to the gallery, and write a treat for one of our amazingly talented artists!)

Please spread the word among your fellow artists and writers, whichever corner of the Tolkien fandom you come from!  We can’t wait to have you along for the ride - whether you prefer bookverse, movieverse, gameverse, apocryphal HoME canon, or Tolkien's works set outside the Middle-earth cycle.

Good luck in your creative endeavours!

Mods Raiyana and Narya

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Chapter 17 is now up on AO3 and Faerie.  

Not an easy read, this one - sorry.
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 Chapter 16 is now up on AO3 and Faerie.

(Trying to get better at actually linking on here when I post something...)

This one took a while...sorry!  A lot of it's been drafted for weeks but trying to get all my disparate scenes into a sensible order has been a challenge (some stuff has hopped a chapter or two down the line, some stuff has made its way in here from later chapters).
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B2MeM Prompt, Card and Number: 'Golden-haired' - 97. Glorfindel (B10)
Format: Ficlet
Genre: Humour (bordering on crack...)
Rating: General
Warnings: None
Characters: Celegorm; Maglor; Glorfindel (mentioned)
Pairings: None
Creator’s Notes (optional): Arguably this is a snippet rather than a ficlet, although I don't at all promise that it or anything like it will ever appear in my 'verse. I just couldn't resist.
Summary: Sometimes we lose things in translation - and other times, we find them.

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Completed another table for the One Sentence Only challenge!

16 one-sentence microfics under the cut, featuring various characters from the legendarium and a few OCs.    Nothing rated above Teen.  Warning for one allusion to gore.

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B2MeM Prompt, Card and Number: 'Haste, haste...' - 100. Here We Come A-Caroling (G54)
Format: Short Story
Genre: PWP; Slash
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Explicit sexual content.
Characters: Voronwë, Elemmakil
Pairings: Voronwë/Elemmakil
Creator’s Notes (optional): This is a follow-on to my Sultry in September fic, Comfort and Joy, although I think it can also be read and understood as a standalone. The title is taken from the Rodgers and Hammerstein song of the same name.  (I seem to have a song theme going for this pairing...)
Summary: A stolen moment for Voronwë and Elemmakil. Shameless smut. 

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B2MeM Prompt, Card and Number: 'Tra-la-la-lally?' - 97. Glorfindel (N42)
Format: Short Story
Genre: General; Friendship
Rating: PG
Warnings: One mild reference to gore and violence (flashback)
Characters: Maglor, Glorfindel
Pairings: None
Creator’s Notes (optional): In my 'verse Glorfindel is Lalwen's son, hence Maglor referring to him as "cousin" and "kinsman." I think this stands alone, but effectively it's a missing scene from a longer fic I haven't posted yet, about what Maglor is up to in the Third Age.
Summary: Maglor and Glorfindel sit by the fire in a cave outside Rivendell. They talk, tease and remember.

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 Dear Smut Swapper,


Hi! I'm sorry this letter is late; if early inspiration has struck and you've made a start then don't worry, anything in here is only for ideas and I'm sure I will love whatever you write for me.


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Posting this from my phone but it isn't ideal for DW, or commenting on fics.

I'm going on holiday at the end of the week anyway so will be dropping off the radar for a bit, until I'm back home and can fix my computer. In the meantime, I hope you all stay safe and well in this crazy weather, and may the muses be kind!
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 Dear Creator,


I'm so excited we're a match; I love the concept of this exchange, and I can't wait to see what you come up with. Worldbuilding is a huge geeky obsession of mine, so I'm sure I'll love whatever you're inspired to make. 

General Stuff 

Given the focus of this exchange, I'm not going to go into a massive list of things I love to see in shippy or smutty fanworks (although I'm open to receiving it unless there's a fandom-specific DNW in my signup that says otherwise. If you do want inspiration in that direction, I put some ideas in my Innumerable Stars letter last year). 

I'm very monofandom so have basically requested all the flavours of Tolkien that were available in the tag set – within that, I'm very easy to please, and I enjoy all kinds of fanwork content. Basically, if it's not in my DNWs, I will undoubtedly love it! 

If you would like more ideas, here are some general things I love that seem vaguely relevant to this exchange, but as always, if you're inspired to do something different then please ignore all of this and follow your heart; I don't want this to be stressful, life's tricky enough without making fandom hard too. (And feel free to take fic prompts and turn them into art, make fic out of the meta prompts, create illustrated meta, swap things around and blur the boundaries wherever you like.)

 Cut for length... )

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 Happy to answer these on here as well, just ask me in the comments - original question list included below the cut.  (I've already answered 11 and 12, and will cross post my answers to 30 and 32 in due course.)
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Another three-in-one post.

This is actually a set of fandom goals for Day 13, but they cover challenges and writing process, so I'm going to count them for Days 11 and 12 as well.

Cut for length.


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 Day 2 - Rec At Least 3 Fanworks You Didn't Create

I've seen lots of recs for fics in response to this challenge (and found some wonderful new things to read! :D ) so I've decided to go for an art theme:

JRR Tolkien and Bilbo Baggins, by bunn.

A beautiful painting of the two of them in Oxford.  I can smell the wet stone and feel the night air on my face just from looking at it.

Miriel Weaving, by Alystraea.

Every time I look at this gorgeous piece, I spot a new detail.

In Which Beruthiel's Cats Explore Middle-earth, by Lynndyre.

Adorable sketches of kitties causing chaos.  Never fails to make me smile.

Day 5 - Promote three communities, challenges, blogs, pages, Twitters, Tumblrs or platforms and explain why you love them


Faerie is my fandom home.  I was never comfortable on; I used when that was still around, but after that site went out with a whimper, most of my favourite writers reconvened over at Faerie.  It's fan-owned and run, it's super-friendly and supportive, and the shout box function makes it feel like a cosy, Tolkien-themed coffee shop.

Innumerable Stars

Innumerable Stars is a Tolkien fandom gift exchange for all works by Tolkien or associated with Middle-earth.  I participated for the first time this year after not being very active in fandom at all for about five years, and had such a great experience.  It's very welcoming, very well-organised, and I love that it's open to fanworks based on Tolkien's non-ME writings as well as the games, films etc. associated with Middle-earth.  The minimum requirements aren't scary (500 words for fic) so even if I'm time poor, I'll definitely be participating again this year.

One Sentence Only

A multi-fandom, prompt-based community; members create one sentence stories in response to prompt tables.  Again, this is great for me and anyone else with a demanding, unpredictable schedule.  If I'm working late in a hotel in the middle of nowhere, I can take a few minutes before bed to respond to one of the prompts, and go to sleep feeling like I've achieved something.

Day 8 - Post self-recs for at least 3 fanworks you created

This doesn't come naturally to me at all; every time I get asked to do something like this, I can hear my Grandma's voice in my head telling me not to show off!

I've gone for short-ish pieces that stand alone and don't require knowledge of any of my other stories.

Nocturne.  A chance encounter by moonlight takes an unwary student by surprise.

Gen.  Maglor; original female character.  1,226 words.  Rated T for one use of mild language (I could probably have got away with G).

I picked this one because I loved writing the setting and the music visualisations, and it because it shows a more mysterious, powerful, otherworldly side to my modern Maglor.  

Because My Land Is Fair.  An adventure on the North Moors goes awry for two young hobbits. Luckily, help is at hand...

Gen.  Fimbrethil; original Entwife characters; original Hobbit characters; Tom Bombadil.  8,653 words.  Rated G.

I wrote this for the Tolkien Reverse Summer Bang 2018 to go with bunn's gorgeous artwork (which is embedded in the fic). Essentially, it's Hobbit children meeting Entwives, with a dash of Puck of Pook's Hill thrown in for good measure.  Not quite as fluffy as it sounds.

Comfort and Joy.  It's the festive season in Gondolin, and Voronwë finds himself intrigued by the Captain of the Guard of the Secret Way.

M/M.  Elemmakil/Voronwë.  2,354 words.  Rated M for sexual content.

Written for Sultry in September 2018.  I'd never considered this pairing before I got my prompt, but I loved writing them together and will probably tell more of their story in future.  

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 Day 6

In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your wish-list if you feel comfortable doing so. Maybe someone will grant a wish. Check out other people's posts. Maybe you will grant a wish. If any wishes are granted, we'd love it if you link them to this post. 

I feel guilty doing this before I've done the rec challenges...I will get to them!  

1) I am currently writing a story about Maglor in modern times, set in St Andrews, Scotland.  I can't draw and my digital manipulation skills are non-existent, but I would love a picture of him somewhere in the town.  Maybe out on the pier, or on West Sands, or wandering through the cathedral ruins.

2) Icons, especially Tolkien-themed!  I am shockingly lazy about making/finding my own (see Innumerable Stars letter and under cut for favourite characters).

3) Anything from my Innumerable Stars letter, or featuring any of my other favourite characters from Tolkien's legendarium.  

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I will come back to Day 2 tomorrow :)

Day 3

In your own space, share a favorite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favorite interview, a book, a scene from a movie, etc) and explain why you love it so much. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

For me, it's 'The Shadow of the Past', the second chapter from The Fellowship of the Ring.

I first fell in love with Middle-earth via the Bakshi cartoon.  I was tiny - not even at school.  My uncle used to babysit for me on a Saturday night so my parents could have some peace, and one night he brought it with him.  I adored it; never mind The Lion King, my heart belonged to the Hobbits and Elves of Tolkien long before most of the Disney Renaissance films had left their cultural stamp on my generation.

When I was finally given a copy of the book (I was seven, maybe eight?) I read through 'Concerning Hobbits' and was honestly bored - but I was a patient kid, and I knew what was coming.  I giggled my way through 'A Long-Expected Party'; as I recall, the Bakshi film doesn't spend long on it, or else it didn't really stick in my memory.  But with 'The Shadow of the Past', I was sucked right into the story I recognised and loved - the folly and tragedy of the Second Age, the threat of Mordor creeping into the cosy, homely Shire, the promise of magic and adventure and the inevitable sorrow and loss to come.  Honestly, I still find it hard to put into words, but that is still my go-to passage whenever I need a Tolkien fix.

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Day 1: My Happy Place

It will surprise exactly no-one who knows me to read this, but my happy place is St Andrews, Scotland.  I spent four years there as an undergraduate.  I loved the town, I love the friends I made there, and I loved being surrounded by history and the sea.  (Celebs popping up for the golf on occasion were an added entertaining bonus.)  I adored spending cool summer afternoons at the beach or lazing in the cathedral grounds, book in hand - and that was also the period in my life when I first got really into fandom.  I shyly posted a couple of one-shots at the erstwhile, got some good feedback, started chatting to people, and the rest is history.

I work in Manchester now, and live in Clitheroe, neither of which are very much like St Andrews at all - but I married someone I met there (we actually met in the Students' Union on the first night, although it took us eighteen months to get our act together romantically), and we had our wedding ceremony in the university chapel.  Some of our friends have done the same thing.  In non-wedding years, we try to get up there for a long weekend if we possibly can, to walk the streets and see what's changed - and revisit what hasn't and (hopefully) never will.  Dolphin-watching from the end of the pier.  Sunset on West Sands.   If we're very lucky, the Northern Lights over the Eden Estuary.

I'd love to move back one day, but until my firm decide there's a role for me in our Edinburgh office, I'm happy enough where I am and lucky to have had such a wonderful place to call home for four years.

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Wishing all the best for all of you. 

22nd Dec

Dec. 22nd, 2018 07:15 pm
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Taking a quick breather from the festivities (and procrastinating on editing exchange fics) to cross-post some old responses to ask memes on Tumblr.

Writer's Ask Meme )

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday period and finding the time to relax.

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Hi to everyone who has migrated over from Tumblr! I have been sporadic at best with my posting on here but plan to use it more in future :)
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Over the last few weeks I've accumulated a bunch of snippets that I'm not planning to post separately on Faerie, SWG or AO3 - either because they're just too small, or because at some point I plan to expand them, or work them into a longer fic. For now I'm popping them on here so I've got them all grouped together; I'll do something with them eventually!

Expect appearances from the usual suspects - mostly Noldor, plus various OCs (including the Paradox crew) and a few other guest stars. Content ranges from festive fluff to mild horror/gore. Nothing NSFW. Nothing more than 500 words, most significantly less.

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